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Come away with me my love...

Escape to the most exciting and profound biblical novel series available today!

Carefully researched and tastefully written, this novel dramatizes many types and shadows in a fictional recreation of Solomon and the Shulamite woman. Everything from the first coming of Christ, the Church Ages, the Tribulation, and the Final Judgment are covered in symbolic story form.

Author's Video: Surprising reactions from readers.

If you love the bible and enjoy a good story, you will love Solomon's Bride.

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  1. Patty PettingellJuly 20, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    Well, I have read the first book and as a message believer, it has been incredibly eye opening to catch the type and shadow of our life as the Bride of Christ in Abishag. This has inspired me to be the best bride that I can be and follow after the examples laid forth in her character. I would have to say that my favorite part of the first book was the scene at the winepress. I laughed so hard I cried. A true example that humor can be for our betterment also. There are many very profound truths found in nature that directly correlate to our life in Christ and it is awesome how these things are laid out in this book. I am now enjoying book two, "The Stone and the Seal" I will make more comments as time goes on. Sister Patty Pettingell

  2. I have been reading books for a lot of years and without any question this is the most awe inspiring book to ever be written, With exception of course to the Bible. The author takes his reader on a journey through the times of young king Solomon and his quest for the "perfect" bride. As is stated in the forward of his book, this is a typological portrait of the Bride of Christ and her Bridegroom. We are taken back in history, with a little imagination and great inspiration, to a place where, no doubt, many christians have often wondered, "what happened to inspire Solomon to write the "The Song of Songs"".
    We are able to get a glimpse of how truly important we are, individually, to our Bridegroom.
    As the story progresses we find that there are many trials and hardships that must be faced in order for God to bring us to that place of "perfection" in Him. At the same time we see provision made to help us through each and every trial.
    As I read this book, I found myself wanting to emmulate the Shulamite woman's life, simply because she was found to be a woman of honor, integrity, and wisdom, along with many other wonderful characteristics. She was the Proverbs 31 woman in flesh. I desire to be that woman, yet it seems an impossibility. I cried in several places throughout this series and I laughed many times as well.
    There are many surprising developments in the story, with some expected endings and many unexpected endings. It is a story that will keep the reader up for hours because you always want to know what happens next.
    I may be being a bit vague on the exact storyline, but suffice it to say, you will thoroughly enjoy each and every sentence, paragraph, page, chapter and book. Read it as though you were the Shulamite and Solomon is Christ and you will find yourself changed for life. I know I was. Enjoy every word as you go through this journey of LIFE. Patty Pettingell

  3. Enchanting. . ."Solomon's Bride" seamlessly melds a romance with an insightful survey of the religious and cultural history of a bygone era. Meadows presents the first installment in a series that imagines the adventures and inner workings of the great King Solomon. Decorated with flowing words and imagery reminiscent of "The Song of Solomon," this novel sends the reader tumbling alongside the main character through the important events that shape the young king's compassionate nature. His surprising course leads him to a woman who not only illuminates the unknown discontent within his kingdom, but offers him a love of legendary status, one that will inspire and instruct for centuries to come.
    --Rachel A. Ney, Independent Editor

  4. This is a very well done work of art and I can easily see myself as one of the main characters. I don't read much, but I couldn't put this down and am even going through it again. A must read.
    Richard Pettingell

  5. "Solomon's Bride is extremely satisfying on a variety of levels. Romance, historical accuracy, and inspiration... all play a major role in this thoroughly unique novel. Author Mark Meadows possesses an impeccable sense of time and place, and has presented a depiction of King Solomon unlike any rendered before; a man of vast wisdom inspired and blessed by God, yet of flesh and bone, with the same faults and foibles as us all."
    -- Ronald Kelly, author for Zebra Books, Berkley Publishing, CD Publications, and Full Moon Press

    Book Review: Solomon's Bride by Mark Meadows

    The melding of romance and historical fiction can be a delight when done correctly, or a severe disappointment when not. Much of its success depends on the correct alignment of plot, place, and characters fitting unerringly together, piece by piece, like the fragments of a puzzle. If not written with skill and knowledge, it can come across as a confusing hodgepodge with more than a few key pieces missing.
    Fortunately, this is not the case with Mark Meadows' novel, Solomon's Bride. This Biblical romance depicts the time and place of King Solomon's life, from childhood to manhood, impeccably. It is obvious that much research into the eara of Solomon was done and that the writing of Solomon's Bride was a labor of love for author Meadows. He has not presented Solomon as a two-dimensional character, but as a living entity; a man of flesh and bone, with wisdom and grace, but also with human faults and foibles. It is a wonderful characterization that carries the narrative on capable shoulders, strong and sure, and is ultimately satisfying to today's reader.
    The story is conveyed in flashbacks during a perilous point in King Solomon's life; his boyhood in the kingdom of his father, David, the betrothal of his childhood friend, Chavah, through a covenant of friendship, his encounter with the Ammonite princess, Naamah, as well as his relationship with the Shulamite woman, Abishag. Through Solomon's many trials and adventures, love, loyalty, and faith are put to the supreme test.
    I highly recommend Solomon's Bride. Not only is it brimming with romance and adventure, but it is built upon a sturdy foundation of historical accuracy and inspiration that lifts it high above similar novels of the genre.
    -- Ronald Kelly

    Your sharing of this novel with me was a great blessing, Mark, and opened my Christian eyes on many levels. Thanks so much! -- Ron

  6. Solomon's Bride is a biblically based epic novel about the Israeli King Solomon and his brides. The story is character driven, centered around a brilliant man who must learn how to be a king and a husband. In order to save the Ammonite women from human sacrifice, Solomon must compromise his religious beliefs and become a priest of Milchom, agreeing to marry a new virgin bride each year. Solomon's Bride is an entertaining, historical account, deftly written and expertly crafted. A true delight for any reader, who hungers for a complex protagonist and an intelligent plot.

    --ML Hamilton, Writer and English Instructor.

  7. Mark Aho sets about to explore the enigmatic life and nature of the Son of God and his love and nurturing of the Church of Jesus Christ, his bride, through the unusual literary device that can best be described as typological allegory. In doing so he weaves a compelling story in which each scene and each event parallels the unfolding of the plan of God as Christ reveals Himself unto His Church and then through His Church to overcome the world. Even as the reader is caught up into a compelling story of a beautiful love affair overcoming antagonists and obstacles, God’s paramount attributes of love, holiness, and infinite mercy are deeply etched into the heart of the reader. Drawing deeply from the insight into given by the prophetic ministry of William Branham into scriptural events and biblical characters, the complex characters of such biblical figures as Solomon, Abashag, David, Bethsheba, and Nathen seem like they stepped from the pages of scripture and the events seem like a meditation on modern events as the coming of the Lord draws nigh. This book is a page turner and a worthwhile read.

    Though currently only available in electronic format (I converted .PDF files to mobipocket ebook format) I hope to see the book soon in print, possibly illustrated, and available for more wide distribution.

    Benaiah Jorgensen

  8. I'm sorry I took so long to tell you that your book was far more than I expected. I thought, I'll just read the first set (thinking I won't want to read any more), but boy was I wrong you had me hooked right from the start.

    Your insight was amazing with the historical facts and the likeness of Solomon to Christ and the Shulamite bride to us.

    You gripped all my emotions and a story not to be forgotten.

    Albena Luten

  9. I can not recall having read a book of fiction that so completely took me in and edified my spirit. I consider this book a great blessing as it stirred my heart and emotions for my heavenly bridegroom. The author's ability to allow the reader, to effortlessly put themselves in the place of Abishag, and actually feel the awe and reverence that she felt for the Lord's annoited and annoiting, touched deep chords within me. It was as if my heart for the Lord was being expressed in print. I loved that it was written with so much poetry and that it used so many types from nature. It seems that this most accurately describes the way in which our bridegroom caresses and teaches us. I read many scenes with tears in my eyes at Gods deep love for us. The desire to in all ways live worthy of Him and please Him stayed with me long after the last line was read. Thank you for the blessing I received from your labor of love.

  10. I find it hard to believe that this is not the real thing. Meadows you have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that this is not a copy of the unwritten manuscript of Solomon's life history..
    It's such a shame that i had to bump into such an exceptional piece of work by chance and annoyingly a big fraction of it missing. With most of the comments here more than 3years old it's hard to make out how a masterpiece like this is not in everybody's shelf or i'm I missing something?
    Reading the fragmented small section that i had got me at edge of my seat, then you can only imagine what happened to me when i read the whole copy of the book. In many cases i had to repeat a whole chapter afraid that i had missed something head whirling from emotions. Meadows comprehensively covers an uncountable number of subjects in the 200 paged book and at some point i was forced to pick up my pen to put them down on paper lest i forgot. With all the hustling and bustling it only took me 2 days to complete the read.
    I suppose there is a shortage of funds to adequately promote the novel commercially and so it's my wish that anyone inspired by the book to fill in on 2 or more of his or her friends. Shalom

  11. During this indescribably fascinating “adventure”, while I was reading all five books in the series of “Solomon’s Bride”, it seemed to me, at certain moments, that I was almost reading my “personal diary” – the types and events being so vivid and close to my heart that I was able to completely identify with them. Another Christian fiction book, which brought to my heart a similar elation and change, is “The Prince of the House of David” by J. H. Ingraham. Together with Adina and her friends, I was rejoicing with exceeding joy when I saw the Scriptures become alive as they were being fulfilled in the life of John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus Christ. I compare the experience of reading “Solomon’s Bride” books to looking at a 3-D stereogram image. While patiently following every exquisitely described scene, person, feeling, conversation, I kept “staring through” this wondrously knitted and woven narrative, allowing tears of joy to fill my eyes and then continuing to look at this marvelous love story “between the lines” until… all of a sudden an indescribably beautiful and majestic image of Jesus Christ and His Bride appeared in front of my eyes from the pages. Amazingly, but when my blurry pupils adjusted, my heart was filled with celestial joy because I saw something very familiar in that “hidden picture” – I saw myself walking and having fellowship with the Lord Jesus, my Heavenly Bridegroom. And once I saw that “secret image” so gracefully placed “between the lines” – that’s all I see ever since. Whenever I find myself thinking about the contents of “Solomon’s Bride” books, I keep beholding that same magnificent scene of my close, personal fellowship with the Lord. All other things – the author’s unique style and occasional grammatical mistakes – are just “the backdrop” which actually magnifies the beauty of this literary endeavor – that God was able to make this masterpiece out of human weaknesses and imperfection.
    Anton Liachovic December 2012

  12. Bro. Mark,
    I wanted to say thank you for being inspired and taking the time to write these books. Reading through the series and the many biblical truths have blessed me. A couple times I was reading and it was just what I needed to encourage me and it really spoke to me. It was amazing to see the type of Abishag and Solomon, and amazing to know that that is where I stand with Jesus. Also, nowadays, since it is so hard to be able to find a good book that doesn't have anything strange in it, I really enjoyed reading these books knowing that they not only were "safe" to read, but they pushed me further with my walk with the Lord.
    Thanks so much for yielding yourself to the gift in you,
    Brooke D.

  13. Regarding the ‘Solomon’s Bride’ series by author Mark Meadows, I have to say only one word:  astonishing!  From the opening paragraphs, where King Solomon’s fall in the woods takes his audience into his most anointed childhood, in the palace, under the headship of his father, King David, to the point when Solomon makes his sudden and timely appearance in the suburban hillside village of Shunem under a the mysterious identity “Jedidiah,” these books will sweep you up into the lovely and inspiring story of Solomon’s Bride.  This is a skillful and creative work, which will bring every Christian into a deeper understanding of the love affair of King Solomon and his Bride Abishag:  a perfect type of Christ and His Bride.

    Jerry Robinson